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Why do Company Pages perform less well on LinkedIn?

There’s been a lot of questions over the last few months from law firm, lawyers, and the professionals who work alongside them asking us whether or not company pages, perform less well than the individuals pages. It’s a really good question, and my sense has been for a long time that there are a couple … Continued

How do I tag someone in a LinkedIn comment?

Can I tag someone in a comment on LinkedIn?

Is it possible to tag people in a LinkedIn comment? Yes. If you want to tag someone in a LinkedIn comment, simply type @ then begin to type their name and select their name from the drop-down selections. Is it possible to tag a Company Page in a LinkedIn comment? Yes, it is. If you … Continued


Why should you join Clubhouse?

I guess one of the first things that struck me when I went on to clubhouse – the new audio only social media – was the following question, “How could anyone make any money out of this?” I may not be the same as every other communications or marketing individual as I’ve also had a … Continued

How long is a blog supposed to be?

What is a good average read time for a blog?

On average, how long will people spend reading my blog post? This is such a good question. The first thing to say is that we do have an average amount of time that people spend on blogs – it’s about 2m20s across the legal sector’s blogs and insights for the past 18 months. In a … Continued

How do I write a blog post?

How do I write a blog post for my law firm?

Where do I even start when it comes to writing a great blog post? Good question and one that we’re going to answer in the format of a great blog post. Hopefully. Getting to grips with how to write a blog post is a big moment for anyone as it shows that you know what … Continued

Legal directories 2020/21

Legal directories 2020/2021 A few dates for your calendar as we move into UK directories season once again: 30 September 2020 – UK edition of The Legal 500 is published. 6 October 2020 at Noon – How to get ranked in the directories – a webinar for smaller law firms and law firm founders 7 … Continued

AIDA and law firm content

My dad had tickets to see Aïda on three separate occasions. On the first, his mum passed away. One the second, his brother passed away. So it was with quite some trepidation that we went to see Verdi’s masterpiece at the Royal Albert Hall together a few years ago. This article, however, has nothing to … Continued

An introduction to law firm marketing

Marketing is a lot of fun. A bit like driving, you need to learn the mechanics and the rules of the road but, after a while, you can enjoy the scenery a little as you do it. Laura has kindly asked me to explain the basics of law firm marketing so that you might well … Continued