TBD Marketing

Z-OLD-The TBD Manifesto

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What we believe.

We believe that there’s always a way that you can successfully and profitably market your services. We think that making business personal is right at the heart of success. We believe in transparency. We believe in having objectives and in regularly checking in on how we’re doing against them. We believe that enjoying what you do is essential to being happy at work and at home. We believe that sometimes humour helps defuse situations and move the game forward. We believe in telling the emperor that he’s not wearing any clothes. We also believe in introducing him to the best tailor. We believe in joined-up thinking and in the success of teams. Even individual gold medals take a team effort. We believe that marketing is good for lawyers as it gets their creative juices flowing (and it’s good for both their health and wealth). We believe in measuring our work, sharing our successes and learning lessons when we come up short. We believe that work can be scoped differently to give you different price options. Ultimately, it’s for you to decide which outcome your organisation needs. We believe that your time in the spotlight will come. We believe you can be ready to maximise that opportunity when it shines on you. We believe in integrity and in you holding us to account over this manifesto.

Things we don’t believe

We don’t believe in getting going without a scope. That way, failure lies. We don’t believe in focusing on what’s not in the room. Let’s make the most of what you do have. We don’t believe that clients are settled on who they appoint every time. We don’t believe in not asking (or answering) difficult questions. Quite the opposite in fact. We don’t believe in using arcane or fussy language if it can be avoided. Your clients tell us they don’t like it.

Our service promises

We promise to deliver our work on time. We promise that we will tell you in advance if we’re going to come up short. Equally, we promise to do our utmost to get projects back on track if they do get derailed. We promise to be transparent about our fees.   Enough promises. Let’s talk Campaigns, Coaching and Challenges.

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