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#DigitalGaggle March 2018 – a conference through its tweets

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I attended #BristolGaggle yesterday, which is organised by Noisy Little Monkey (a Bristol digital marketing agency). I’ve collated some of the thinking from the day here and will add in extra links to slides and speakers as they become available.

You’ll need to scroll down the tweets in the window to see all the tweets.

The speakers were:

 – whose talk on the need for establishing reputation can be found here

 – whose session on polling with validity made me wish I had pursued twin careers in comedy and statistics.

 – who brought life and passion to the topic of CTAs, a topic close to our hearts and bottom lines.

– who talked about lead nurturing and how we need to get better at qualifying leads before we hand them on to sales.

 – who is the most sophisticated video speaker I’ve heard speak live.

– who validated some of my approaches on how to win or close business and managed to swear less that Aisha which was his stated aim.

 – who talked about lots of data and PPC and how to set yourself up to succeed in targeting your audiences.

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