How does your law firm fare on Google Reviews?

An report into UK law firm office ratings.

This report delves into the impactful world of Google Reviews and their significance for law firms and lawyers.

While often overlooked, these reviews are a goldmine of genuine client insights, shedding light on the satisfaction levels and experiences people have with legal services. They’re not just feedback; they’re a window into the firm’s professionalism and expertise.

We’ve noticed that many firms hesitate to request reviews, worrying about overwhelming their clients. But here’s the thing: these reviews are key to standing out online, especially against competitors. And when it comes to the inevitable negative comment, it’s not about avoidance but about how you respond. Addressing these comments head-on can boost your firm’s image, showing a dedication to client satisfaction and an openness to improvement.

Timing is everything. Don’t wait for negative reviews to pile up. Start engaging early and focus on encouraging positive feedback. A simple, courteous response can work wonders. And remember, the approach to engaging with reviews can vary, particularly between B2B and B2C law firms. B2C firms, in particular, tend to draw more diverse feedback, including from non-clients.

This report is a call to action for firms to harness the power of Google Reviews actively. Use it as a guide to refine your strategies and start making the most of this valuable resource. Like the top voices we celebrate in our other reports, consider this an opportunity to learn, grow, and enhance your online presence. To all the firms making strides in this area, we see you and applaud your efforts. Let this report be a stepping stone to even greater achievements in client engagement and online reputation management.

What's included?

Top 10 firms by location rating

Strongest improvements since 2021

Top 10 London offices by rating

Offices with the best rating

Average rating for 2023

Percentage of reviews by rating

Offices with the worst ratings

Firms with biggest decreases since 2021


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