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Let’s take your firm to the next level

Growing a firm is hard, but we can help.

You’re already an established law firm and now you want to grow and realise all your dreams when you left Big Law. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you grow your team, win new clients, gain more profile and professionalise and hone your marketing and business development activities.

Are you missing opportunities to win business because you’re working with clients, running the day-to-day business, and doing all the marketing? We give you the freedom to spend more time working with clients, winning new business and spending time with those you love. While our team of experts elevate your firm to the next level and help you deliver your original dream law firm.

How we take you to the next level

Media Pitch

A media pitch to have your voice heard

Business Development

Monthly one hour meetings to coach you and your fee-earners on BD and keep you on track

LinkedIn Reporting

Monthly LinkedIn data reporting and advice on improvements

LinkedIn Training

Personalised LinkedIn training


Two blogs per month to keep you front of mind

Social Media

Two high-performing social media posts per month

Marketing Plan

Personal development plan with your career and profit objectives and how to improve your profile to help you get there

Channel Management

Ensuring that your multi-channel marketing campaigns are targeting the right clients and having the desired outcome

Content Optimisation

End-to-end content optimisation to improve return on investment. We cover everything from headline and H2 to structured data

Digital Competitor Analysis

Reporting and analytics from our Digital100 to benchmark your firm and optimise your digital marketing

Editorial Strategy

Meetings with your internal editorial team to map out and understand goals

SEO Audits

Analysis of your SEO performance, headlines and H2, and advice on improvements

What are the outcomes of working with us?

Stand out in a highly competitive market

Data from the Solicitors Regulation Authority shows that around 500 new law firms opened last year as entrepreneurial partners left larger practices to set up their own firm. They are using more innovative approaches to operating their firm and doing things differently. Don’t be left behind.

Adapting to change

Larger law firms are becoming more agile since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted future plans and created uncertainty. Firms are lowering overheads by moving into smaller offices and changing their culture towards flexibility, hybrid working and work/life balance. Attracting talent will become more fierce as established law firms emerge stronger.

Improved profitability

Whilst fee income remains relatively consistent, top firms’ profitability has fallen by almost half. Several law firms also fail within the first three years. Winning the kind of work you only dream of when you first set up is quite possible with the right messaging, positioning and targeting. Let’s focus your efforts and energies.


Sometimes, you just need to get bigger in order to compete. Bigger teams, more practice areas. Whatever it takes to grow, we can help deliver so that you’ll be competing on a more level footing with larger and less agile law firms in no time.

What we do

What makes us different?

Experts in digital marketing

We have decades of legal sector experience and the skills, knowledge and training to provide exceptional service and outstanding results. Leveraging the team’s broad range of skills, we suggest tailored solutions.

Cutting-edge approach

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing which is why we offer best practice advice at the forefront of the industry and stay ahead of emerging trends by investing in the latest technologies.

Added depth and breadth to campaigns

We have in-depth knowledge of all areas of marketing, implementing marketing tactics and optimising results. With strategic thinking, we convey the right message across the right channels and deliver tangible results.

You’ll never pay for getting us up to speed

We have first-hand experience working inside law firms and understand the sector, clients and strategy. We are excellent at spotting opportunities to attract new targets and grow existing clients.

We're quick to market

When we spot an idea, we exploit it quickly before others consider how they would use it. This is driven by our PR mind-set and gives you a first mover advantage.

A joined-up approach

Our service is turnkey so all your bases are covered. Instead of using social media, PR and digital marketing teams that work in silos, we work closely together to achieve the best results.

Working with you

We are personally invested and go above and beyond to get you what you need, when you need it. We establish the best way forward to achieve your objectives and cut through what needs to be done.

Our promise

We promise to always bring you best practice and fresh ideas at all points of the marketing mix and across the business development spectrum, and be transparent about our fees.

Legal directory and awards alerts

Sign up to our email reminders with all the deadlines you need to stay ahead of the curve.


Case Study

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Fans of Founders

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30-minute brainstorm on ‘how to take my firm to the next level’

For a fixed-fee of £399, schedule a 30-minute call with us on how to take your firm’s marketing to the next level.

We’ll discuss your current marketing performance against your competitors and give you three actionable ideas that you can implement immediately (or we can).


Simply put, we have a broad range of deep experience in the legal sector and know what works and what doesn’t. Every day we gain insights from other partners and law firms that we apply back into growing you and your firm.

It’s a rolling monthly contract with a three month minimum commitment.

We are interested in keeping the relationship based on genuinely creating value and helping you meet your business goals. Unlike some marketing agencies, we don’t hold you to lengthy contracts but enough time for you to know we work well together, cover all the right bases and to start seeing return on investment.

We’re proud to retain all our law firm clients that have instructed us since we launched three years ago.

We work with clients across the UK, Europe and MENA. It doesn’t matter how close or how far you are as we deliver all the same. Much of our work is virtual but we are also up for face-to-face meetings and can travel to see you on a quarterly basis.

You will have a dedicated team member as your day-to-day contact who will also be responsible for meeting your deliverables. Our team of experts will work on specific areas to ensure you are always receiving the best person for the job. If requested, we will establish a standing monthly, or as-needed, meeting with you and your key stakeholders to review deliverables.

There is no need to upskill us as we are experienced in marketing the legal sector.

As for understanding your business and goals, we are dedicated to getting to know what growth means to you and making strategy possible.

We will have a kick-off meeting to discuss your business and interview you about your offering and how we can meet your needs (establish scope).

Aside from that, we are constantly up to date with the latest marketing trends and write detailed reports on your competitors, so we are confident we’ll have a good understanding of your firm after working together.

Step 1: You call, email or try one of our packages.

Step 2: We have a call to discuss scope and your marketing needs.

Step 3: We propose deliverables and timescales, including breakdown of costs.

Step 4: You decide to instruct us and sign relevant contracts.

Step 5: We have a kick-off meeting with you/your team.

We will ask you to monitor key metrics to tell if the marketing we do together is working. How we do that will depend on the marketing activity you undertake. This might include new business leads, conversion and fee-income.     

Continuous v Intermittent Marketing. When lawyers and law firms stop their marketing efforts because they have a full caseload of clients, they lose their leads which are harder and more expensive to get back. 

You need a continuous stream of new leads entering the sales funnel to build a strong pipeline so your workload doesn’t dry up. Some leads take longer to convert than others, meaning hiring a marketing agency to do your marketing doesn’t mean you’ll have clients ready to instruct you overnight. It can take time, and many marketing activities work towards broader goals such as improving reputation, increasing profile and establishing authority.

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