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Writing a blog isn’t difficult at all, but writing a blog that is easy to understand and inspires your target audience to take action is an art.

You might think it’s unlikely your blog will lead to any new enquiries and it’s a lot of time and effort to put growing awareness. But it takes around seven touchpoints before a prospect considers buying from (or instructing) you. You might not see tangible return on investment in the beginning but improving your name-recognition and growing the top of your sales funnel is vital to your long-term strategy.

It’s completely normal to lack enthusiasm if blog writing doesn’t come natural to you. But it doesn’t mean you should stop doing it all together. We can take on as much or as little of the workload as you like, even the parts you hate doing the most. We can help from start to finish from thinking of the idea and writing the heading and subheadings to writing and optimising the content and uploading it to your website and sending to your network. We have hours to spare that you don’t, as digital marketing is what we’re best at.

We can spot features ahead of time and use all our best practice knowledge to get them published quickly and promoted across all channels.

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