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Editorial Strategy

We will dial into meetings with your internal editorial team to map out and understand your goals.

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We are there for you when you need to pass the baton on a story, gain a wider perspective or sense check an opportunity. We help most when you need to discuss a problem piece with a quick brainstorming session or to flesh out a story on a tight deadline.

We have our finger to the pulse and can suggest news stories to comment on before they are published to give you the best chance at being featured in the press. We can also look forward a few weeks, quarter or calendar year to build an editorial calendar with campaigns that deliver on your strategy.

We will join up our digital marketing efforts with your in-house team to bring together key content, discuss and agree on upcoming opportunities and results. We’ll make key decisions together and are happy to lead or take part in deciding how we will achieve your goals. We’ll share new ideas, spot areas for development (in our gap analysis), and grow the practice groups important to you.

We’ll listen and ensure each idea is promoted across channels from press releases to social media posts, newsletters and emails and pick up any digital marketing actions that come out of the meeting.

Joined-up marketing efforts

Build top of the sales funnel

Build up a library of content

Build trust

Establish thought-leadership

Cross-channel promotion

Publish regularly and on time

See the big picture

Plenty of time for new ideas

Synchronise with other stories

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