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Law Firm Tenure & Attrition Report

Want to know how your firm measures up against the competition when it comes to retaining talent?

Interested in who fares better in terms of tenure – the best boutiques or the UK legal sector’s big players?

Curious to find out which of the UK’s top 100 firms have the highest employee retention rates?

And which firms are haemorrhaging staff? 

Tenure & Attrition Report

What is in the report?

The TBD team has created an in-depth report on the tenure and attrition rates amongst the UK’s top 100 firms. It makes for fascinating reading, if we do say so ourselves. 

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3.3 years

The average tenure of the bottom 10 performers.

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9.3 years

The longest tenure of the top-performing firm

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£10s of millions

The cost of the war for talent in recruitment fees

Here is just a flavour of some of the findings you can expect in our report, all accompanied by in-depth analysis and key take-aways:

As our report makes clear, retention rates seriously matter – they are not only a bellwether for employee satisfaction but also correlate strongly with revenue growth, or lack thereof in the case of firms with low average tenure. The firms that get it right can channel their talent to boost productivity, promote higher levels of engagement and increase revenue and profitability.

Tenure & Attrition Report

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