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Law firms, are you cutting marketing spend based on a hunch?

Can you imagine giving legal advice that ignored the relevant precedent from ten years ago? Based on a hunch?

It wouldn’t go well, would it?

Same with marketing.

If you’re thinking of cutting any marketing spend that isn’t easily attributable to work won, then I’d strongly recommend that you read Les Binet and Peter Field’s “The Long and the Short of it” which just turned ten years old.

80% of your marketing could be hard to quantify

The book proves – based on oodles of real life data – why companies should split their activities to 60% brand and 40% sales activation. Or in the case of professional services 80% and 20%.

Much of that 80% of your marketing may be hard to quantify in any meaningful way.

Some of your marketing will result in the last step being a phone call to a partner, or a word of mouth recommendation, or a web query. But they are merely the last steps taken, not the journey taken. Much of your marketing will be the background that compels then to take that last step.

The combination of sales and marketing, PR and social is what produces the right outcome.

So here’s the thing:

If your marketing mix has been successful for the past few years, then why the hell would you change that BASED ON A HUNCH? 🤦‍♂️

At TBD, we use data and experience, best practice and systems to enhance your law firm marketing.

Let me know when you’re ready to stop guessing.

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