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How should businesses communicate with their clients? Results.

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Do you respond to clients on their chosen communications channel?

If a client wrote to you by fax, would you respond by fax?

I would. (Unless there were some confidentiality regulatory, cyber security, or other issues that prevented me from doing so.)

We have so many communications channels options available now in business and my sense is that it’s best to respond to clients on their preferred one.

How do your clients like to communicate?

  • Some of my clients like WhatsApp
  • Some like Teams
  • Some rely on email
  • Some phone me

I try to use their preferred channel when I contact them back.

It’s much easier to meet your clients where they already are.

Commonly used communication channels for business

The top 20 most commonly used communication channels for business people often include a mix of traditional and modern tools. While the popularity of specific channels may vary depending on industry, region, and personal preferences, here is a list of 20 channels that are widely used in the business world:

  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • Instant messaging apps (e.g., WhatsApp, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram)
  • Video conferencing (e.g., Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams)
  • Social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  • In-person meetings
  • Business networking events
  • Webinars and online presentations
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services (e.g., Skype, Google Voice)
  • Company intranets and internal communication platforms
  • Project management tools (e.g., Trello, Asana,
  • File-sharing and collaboration tools (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive)
  • Online forums and discussion boards
  • Electronic newsletters and mailing lists
  • Postal correspondence
  • Fax (although increasingly rare, still used in some industries)

Poll results

Interestingly, 24% of respondents said that they wouldn’t use a client’s preferred method of communication.

Results of a poll on LinkedIn regarding communication with clients. The question was "Do you respond to clients on their chosen communications channel?" 76% answered yes, 24% answered no.

However, the ensuing conversation on LinkedIn showed that in most cases, this related to modes of communication often seen as outdated, such as a posted letter, or indeed a fax.

I’m interested to know where you stand on this – so do you respond to your law firm’s clients on their chosen communications channel? DM me on LinkedIn to let me know.

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