This quarterly report celebrates the leading voices in the UK’s legal sector. Well, except for law firm leaders and barristers, as they have their own report.

From the people who we rank highly on here, you’ll learn about different approaches to using the platform, and certainly their different posting styles.

The report focuses on the performance of the top ten individuals according to a few metrics which we think are key: average likes and comments, total likes and comments, post rank (i.e. how well does this post’s performance compare to others on this list), and an overall ranking based on a weighted combination of those elements.

One thing we have covered in a lot of our recent training (now 1,500 lawyers and counting…) is that where these creators are today should be seen as inspiration, but not necessarily where you’d start out. Can you emulate Joel Shen’s Top Voice if you start out this week? Unlikely. But can you work towards achieving what he and these others have on LinkedIn? Definitely. They are, all of them, first and foremost, nice people.

Congratulations to all those who made the list – and keep up the great work.

I hope you find this report useful and that you’ll consider using it to train your people how to get the most out of this unique platform.

The methodology

The Legal LinkedInfluencers list is open to anyone who wants to submit their profile. Additionally, we believe that we have sourced the top creators from each of the top 100 UK law firms.

Excluded: Managing Partners, Senior Partners, CEOs, Lawyers (non-UK firms) and Founders.

Top 10 by Overall Ranking

Average Likes Per Post

Average Comments Per Post

Average Post Rank

Total Likes

Total Comments

Best Posts of the Month

Most Posts in the Top 50

Q&A's with...

Lara Quie

Head of Business Development Asia Pacific

Twenty Essex

Mahnaz Malik

Arbitrator and Barrister

Twenty Essex

Jon Gregson



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