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What are the advantages of paying for Twitter and Meta Premium Services?

What are the advantages of paying for Twitter and Meta Premium Services?

In today’s technologically advanced society, more people than ever before are spending time online. Social media platforms are being used increasingly often by users for a variety of purposes, such as communication, entertainment, and information searches. Today, the internet and social media are more than capable of providing and satisfying a variety of human needs. 

Twitter and Meta are one of the most well-known social media networks worldwide. No matter how traditional a business is, it is best to have a social media presence to help it grow and succeed, given how much time people spend on popular social media sites. Even for something as traditional as a law business, social networking is essential for attracting new clients and dominating the competition in today’s technologically driven world. Premium services are available to help businesses utilise social media networks like Twitter and Meta more effectively.

As professionals in the legal business sector and in law firm marketing departments, is it worth investing in Twitter and Meta premium services for marketing your business? This article will address commonly asked questions on paying for Twitter and Meta premium services for law businesses.

What do you get for your money?

Meta Verified is a membership package that offers you unique benefits and tools that can help you establish and develop your online presence on Facebook and Instagram. By contrast, Twitter Verified – commonly referred to as Twitter Blue – is a premium membership that provides your law firm with unique access to app modifications, giving you greater creative control over your content and potentially helping you in reaching your marketing goals.

According to Statista, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are among the most popular and most widely used social networking sites, with hundreds of millions of users around the world. This means that spending money on premium services on Twitter and Meta will give you more access and control over how you manage your social media accounts to reach out to millions of users, greatly increasing the likelihood that you will be successful in achieving your marketing goals, including boosting sales, generating more leads, attracting higher-quality clients, building brand awareness and expanding your reach.

By spending money on premium services, you are establishing your company’s credibility on social media networks, allowing you to demonstrate your reliability and level of trustworthiness.

What Are the benefits for my profile and my posts?

As we all know, it is crucial to advertise your law firm on social media sites with high-calibre posts from your business profile. Nevertheless, no matter how well-written and high-quality your posts are, if no one knows about your profile, all of your work will be for nothing. In addition, nobody will read or believe your postings if they don’t regard your brand as trustworthy and credible, even though they are familiar with your profile. However, with Meta Verified and Twitter Verified, your social media account receives a ‘Verified’ badge, which allows users to know that your business account is legitimate. The ‘Verified’ badge helps people to find the real accounts of businesses and brands and confirm that your account represents who you say it does.

As a result, people – particularly your target audience – will view your profile and posts as reliable and authentic, improving the credibility of your business. Meta and Twitter Verified offer you special tools that allow you to reach a larger audience, and the ‘Verified’ badge helps develop trust in your audience. Since people will believe in and trust your business, you may post high-quality content on your profile and accomplish the goals of your postings.

How much do they cost?

According to Twitter, you can subscribe to their premium service with localised pricing starting at £9.60 per month or £100.80 per year. However, the price varies depending on the device you use. Here are the different pricing of Twitter Blue subscriptions in the United States:

  • IOS subscription per month: 11.00 GBP
  • IOS subscription per year: 114.99 GBP
  • Android subscription per month: 11.00 GBP
  • Android subscription per year: 114.99 GBP
  • Web subscription per month: 9.60 GBP
  • Web subscription per year: 100.80 GBP

According to Meta, you can subscribe to their Meta Verified service for £12.50 per month on iOS and Android, while you can subscribe for £10 per month on the web subscription for Facebook only. With many price options on both Meta and Twitter, you can select a subscription that satisfies your needs and helps you accomplish your business goals for your law company.

How many people have used the premium services so far?

According to Statista, Twitter had over 420,000 verified users as of 2022. Given how advantageous the Twitter Verified premium service is for many people, the number could have increased by now. Meta’s premium subscription service, which is Meta Verified, could land nearly 12 million subscribers by 2024, according to CNBC. These numbers of subscribers to Twitter and Meta’s premium services demonstrate how helpful and advantageous it is for your law firm.

Am I going to be penalised if I don’t subscribe?

Creating a profile with Meta, which includes Facebook and Instagram — and Twitter — is free. You will still have access to their social media platform, features and resources, which you can use to market your company. More importantly, you won’t be penalised or forced to subscribe to these premium services. However, doing so considerably improves your chances of successfully advertising and marketing your legal practice when compared to profiles that are not verified on Meta and Twitter.

The bottom line

The premium services offered by Meta and Twitter could provide considerable assistance, depending on your marketing goals and needs. Given how many people use these popular social media platforms, it would be beneficial for your company if your profile were verified and perceived as legitimate and trustworthy. This would give you more power to maximise your marketing efforts and effectively target your audience with your content.

Contact us today if you need solutions for your social media and digital marketing needs, and to find out more about how we can support you in achieving your goals.




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