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What is the best way to promote my award win?

Promote my award win

What is the best way to promote my award win?

The very first thing to do is consider if the award came from a media outlet. If it did, do they have an embargo date when the news will be released? Working with the magazine or paper that awarded it will mean you get at least one significant piece of media content. That said, it’ll also often make it less likely that it will be covered in other magazines. Competing legal titles, each with their own awards aren’t going to cover your awards from another title.
Perhaps it would be more appropriate to send the release to the sector press (ie the Sw it’s in which your clients operate)? Or to the local press and bloggers if they are read by your clients and target clients.

You’ll note that we haven’t advised you to start out with social media and your website. That’s because the power of a third-party endorsement from a media title is worth its weight in gold.

But while you wait for your press coverage to appear, perhaps it’s time to plan for the web update and social media posts?

Load your press release onto your website in the news section.
Draft a social media post from your corporate account pages AND, much more importantly, from your own personal accounts. The power of personal brand means that our followers are more likely to be interested in our posts than a company page. So post there.
We ran the stats a while ago looking at how the Hot 100 posts performed for The Lawyer and for the individual names in the Hot 100. When they posted, the individual post performance outranked the company pages 7 to 1.

What else can you do to make sure that your clients and targets know that you’ve won this award?
Email signatures are a free and simple way to get eyeball time. Link back to your website page or your social media post.
You can also promote it through email marketing campaigns – perhaps include it in your newsletter?
If you’ve issued a post from your company page on LinkedIn, you can boost it with a small amount of budget and get in front of thousands more people. The good thing about doing this on LinkedIn is that it’s quite cheap, it’s very quick and it’s highly targeted as you can choose the location, job titles, and more when deciding who to promote the advert at.

You can thank the clients who nominated you.
Or the judges who awarded you.

You can share a photo or a video of you accepting the award across all your social media.

You can update the website to include this as the latest win.

TBD has a great track record of going for awards. Let us know if you’d like us to write you one.

Should I be going up for this award I have been nominated for?
If you’ve been nominated for an award without submitting, it’s likely to be a “pay to play” model. We can check it out for you but for the most part, they’re best avoided.

Should I take a table at these awards?
It depends. If it’s one of the reputable awards schemes, then yes if you can afford it. But these tables often cost £7k, even £9k so you’re going to have to think carefully before submitting.

One option to consider is this: If you’ve already been shortlisted, wait a bit and see how keen they are to get you to attend. The more they ask, the more you get an inkling that you’ve either won or come runner-up.

Won’t they run out of tables if I bide my time?
No. But the organisers will make it seem like they’re scared as scarcity sells.

Do I need to pay to enter an award?
Reputable ones don’t normally ask for payment to them but may request a charitable contribution. A barrier to entry weeds out the time wasters.

Which awards are worth entering?
There are many different reputable awards out there, but some to look out for include:
The British Legal Awards
The Lawyer Awards
Legal Business Awards
The Magic Circle
Women & diversity in law
Family law awards

How much would I pay TBD to write an award entry for me?
We charge around £750 per entry. Why?
1. Because we have a great track record of getting you and your firm shortlisted.
2. Because we bring a load of experience to the table and
3. Because you can recycle it for the next awards.

If you want us to tweak it and submit it to subsequent awards, we’ll do that on the clock for you which works out cheaper the second time around.

Why do I need to win an award?
An award win makes you feel good, makes the client involved feel good and gives you some third-party endorsement and something to talk about.

Winning an award is a great way to recognize the hard work and dedication you have put into a project, or to acknowledge your achievements in a particular field. Awards can be a great way to build your reputation, increase your visibility, and demonstrate your expertise. Additionally, awards can help you attract new customers, partners, and investors, as well as open up opportunities for speaking engagements and media coverage. Ultimately, winning an award can be a great way to boost your career and help you reach your goals.

How many awards should I try and win?
Around three or four. Any more can begin to look tired and like you might need the work. Any less and you haven’t maximised the return on investment in drafting the original award.

Does the awards panel make a difference?
Yes. Look at their profiles and biographies. What do they care about? Speak to that in your entry.

Do the word counts matter in an award submission?
Yes. The judges may have to read dozens or even more entries. Tell them why you deserve to win, briefly but with as much impact as you can.

Do the criteria matter for awards?
Yes and no. Don’t be afraid to emphasise the elements that will get you shortlisted. Provide great referees who will answer the judges’ questions.

Do I need to do anything kooky to try and get shortlisted?
You could. I’ve seen it done. But you’re probably best off sticking to the criteria, submitting them early and keeping to the process.

Do I need to respect the awards deadline?
100% yes.
If you’re ahead of schedule, people will spend more time reading your entry.
Go early, set the running, get shortlisted.

How should I draft my award entry?
Draft it like you’re telling it as a story to a good friend. Don’t be afraid of using interesting phrases and providing memorable snippets that will resonate with the judges.
If in doubt, read it out. If it sounds stiff, then rewrite it.

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