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I’ve been thinking a lot about words recently. About better writing. No change there, then. Specifically, on the back of a marketing report I have had in my back pocket for a while called World Class Bristol, I have been thinking about the difference between great and world class. I’ve done loads of research (and won’t spoil it for you before it’s launched), but one of the things I’d highlight as separating the leaders from others is this: having an opinion, expressing it (and then acting on it).

I will cover getting to your opinion and acting on it elsewhere. After years of working inside professional services firms (and having loved the vast majority of it, I might add), I have spent this last year finding my voice in my communications. Having spent years writing for others, it’s new and different and I enjoy it.

For the purposes of this post, I wanted to know what others like me had written about that had been most successful and had most inspired them, so I asked them in a group called Freelance Heroes on Facebook. An innocent query landed me over 100 responses, some of them with the most startling writing.

Here are some of those beautiful pieces please read/share/retweet as you see fit.

The one that made me stop and think

Balancing motherhood and a freelance career: five lessons” by Stephanie Reed

The one for the fellow freelancer

Why I gave up looking for work” by Chris Worth.

The one that tackles the unmentionable fear

Breaking up with the Sunday night fear” by Helen Campbell

The one that made me cry

{Jaxon’s Birth Story} Dear Blueberry Week 1” by Hannah Johnson

The one that made me laugh

“How Long Should a Blog Post Be?” by Gareth Hancock


Inspired and want to improve your writing? Next steps…

Please drop me a line if you’d like to learn how to write better articles that are shared and read by hundreds/thousands of people. Feel free to send me your own favourite blog posts.


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