Q2 2024

At the heart of this report is a simple quest: to have lawyers speak to their audiences better. It’s the one that has driven me in this profession for the past 25 years.

LinkedIn is used by hundreds of millions of business professionals every week, and it’s the most complete set of CRM data in a single place that the world has ever known. 

Equally, LinkedIn is a learning platform, a publishing platform, one that encourages you to find groups, a source of and place to surface testimonials, a talent platform, a research tool, an alumni platform, a place to extend your working relationships, ad one on which to remain front of mind with less regular clients and contacts. 

Ask not “should I be on LinkedIn?” and instead ask “How should I be on LinkedIn?”

The 100+ voices from the UK’s legal sector that we have highlighted here are an inspiring bunch of lawyers and business professionals who have taken up the gauntlet and run with it. That’s something to celebrate as we contemplate a future in which relationship marketing will be ever more important.

Congratulations if you made the list this quarter. You’ve earned it.

And if you want to be ranked next quarter, please be inspired by Emma Mack’s interview.

Please note that some of our Q1 findings have been retrospectively updated as we found more people that we should have ranked and grabbed their prior posts too. Nothing takes away from your official ranking last quarter, but we’ve revised the findings to accurately reflect the reality at the time.

The methodology

We already had a list of around 1,100 legal influencers and added in 600 more people who were recommended/nominated.

We also included the firms’ leaders and added in the leading independents and barristers.

The rules for inclusion are that each of the listed people makes  the various lists if they:

  • work at a top 200 UK law firm;
  • work at an SRA-regulated UK law firm;
  • work at a barristers chambers; or

Among these 1,400+ individuals, we then ranked the best-performers across the tens of thousands of posts purely on the basis of their total likes and comments per quarter.

We used a simple sum this quarter: total likes plus 4* total comments

We call this your power score.

Top 100 people ranked by Power Score

Average Power Score per post

Best post of the quarter

Top 10 posts by Power Score

Top law firms for Linkedin fluencers

What's included this time?

Q&A's with...

Emma Mack

Senior Associate

Clifford Chance

Sophie Wardell

People Director


Paul Sams

Managing Partner

Dutton Gregory

Mark Stephens


Howard Kennedy

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Should you be ranked in our Top 100?

The report includes a link to a calculator where you can work out whether you should be included in our Top 100.

If your power score:
is over 10,000, you’d rank in the top 10
is over 4,000, you’d rank in the top 25
is over 1,300, you’d rank in the top 100

So if you score anything over 1,000, please do drop us a line and we’ll include you in our future rankings.

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