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Strong law firm positioning and great delivery? Should have gone to…

Glasses to denote specsavers

You know who combines great branding and great customer care?


“Should’ve gone to Specsavers” has been the gift that keeps giving on the branding front for the past 20 years.

It’s so clever as it’s an earworm for your own life. You can imagine saying it to yourself as you fumble something or trip over something because of your poor eyesight.

Also, it’s also service agnostic, so it allows them to sell hearing tests as well as sight tests.

And then, there’s the customer care element of the brand:

  • Easy to book a slot.
  • They confirm.
  • They’re relaxed if you need to move it.
  • You’re welcomed by a person when you arrive (they come to you rather than you wondering what you’re doing).
  • And then, for the whole time that you’re with them, you know
    • what’s happening next; and
    • why you are where you are.
  • Because they have a well-oiled team that ushers you through their process from the front door to the waiting room, from the test to the optician, from there to the glasses and to a seat to buy.
  • They are always communicating with you in the most accessible language.

So it’s the combination of that brand activation (“should’ve gone to…”) with a consistent experience when you get there (which leaves you thinking “I’m glad I went to…”) that is, frankly, hard to match.

  • You want it fast? Vision express
  • You want it cheap? Boots opticians
  • You want it good? You know where to go.

The best law firms do this too, combining strong positioning and great delivery.

But if either is off, you’ll end up competing purely on price.

Looking for a legal marketing company that will help you compete on positioning and reputation, not price? We can help.

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