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Why inventing your ideal client might not work for law firms and solicitors

They say: Create your ideal client.

I say: Just look for more clients like your existing favourite client.

I’m no fan of inventing an ideal client.

Sure, if you’re in the early days of doing your business, it’s fine. But even then, start with who you used to love working for most.

Or if you’re launching something genuinely new, then maybe you need to think about Karen, aged 34, who commutes in from Dorking every day to St Paul’s, drinks matcha latte and, conveniently, carries a copy of Bridging and Commercial magazine with her*.

But most lawyers who work in private practice don’t need to do that.

How to define your ideal law client

To start with, you should think about who you already most enjoy working for, maybe using some criteria like this:

  • Who listens to my counsel and acts on it?
  • Who pays my bills on time?
  • Who recommends me to others?
  • Who is willing to act as a referee for me?
  • When I think of maximising value, profit and joy at work, who comes to mind?

Get personal

Now you’ve defined your ideal new client, get a little more personal:

  • What’s their first name?

Have that in mind when you’re writing posts on LinkedIn and other social media.

  • Write your materials for that person.
  • Craft your quotes for that person.
  • Create products and solutions for that person.
  • Think about their pain points and how you can help address them.

I don’t mean writing “Dear Karen…” in your marketing. I mean drafting your materials with them and their pain points front of mind.

Even if they already send you all their work, two things are likely to happen:

  • They’ll refer all their friends/contacts to you, and you’re darned likely to want to work with them; and
  • More people like them will come out of the woodwork.

Recently, I told one of my clients that they were one of the people I write for. It was a genuinely funny moment. I mean, why not, right?

Final thought

You’re probably wondering, “Is this post for me? Am I one of the people that Si’s targeting as an ideal client?”

The answer is “Almost certainly”

Just so that we’re clear.

Need some help drafting posts for LinkedIn and other social media? This is just one of the things we cover in our LinkedIn Training for law firms.

* Dear made-up Karen, this one’s for you. 🙂

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