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What 10 Questions Should I Ask a Full-service Marketing Agency When I Look To Appoint One for My Law Firm?

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There is no doubt that the UK legal market is extremely competitive. Offering the best legal services available is not enough; you must also market your law practice and stand out from your competitors. The best solution to effectively market your law firm is none other than working with a reliable, full-service legal marketing agency.

There are a few factors to consider before choosing a marketing agency for your law practice. It’s important to make sure that the marketing agency can promote your practice, understands and supports your goals, and can meet your needs. Here are ten questions you can ask a full-service marketing agency before you hire them to work with your firm.

1. Do You Specialise In Attorney And Law Firm Marketing?

A full-service marketing agency that excels at marketing a variety of businesses and sectors could be great, but you should make sure that the agency has a speciality in advertising for law firms and attorneys. In contrast to other businesses, law practices offer a distinct kind of service and deal with intricate and delicate legal issues. Make sure to choose a marketing company that has experience in the legal sector and is knowledgeable about the nuances it presents.

2. Have You Dealt With Customers And Businesses Similar To Mine?

Legal firms in the UK have specialised practices, various goals, and unique marketing needs. Make sure the marketing agency has experience working with clients who are comparable to yours so you can determine whether they were effective. Even though previous success does not guarantee future success, it is crucial to know that the agency has experience with businesses, practices, and specialisations like yours. This will reassure you that they have a tried-and-true procedure that may work for you.

3. What Is Your Process To Assist My Law Firm In Achieving Our Marketing Objectives?

Now that you know they have experience working with clients like you, you want to know the exact procedure this legal marketing agency has to get the results you need. You want to have an idea of their marketing strategies. Since they understand your sector and your business model, they should be able to design a strategy that satisfies your needs.

4. How Do You Handle Communications With Clients?

Working together is necessary to achieve the greatest results, therefore communication is essential. You should be able to offer ideas and improvements, and request updates on their progress. Knowing how the agency handles communication will provide you with peace of mind that you’ll have the right channels to communicate through — without having to deal with back-and-forth conversations that waste your time. With proper communication, you and the agency can concentrate on getting things done, which will help you reach your objectives more quickly.

5. What Kind Of Monthly Report Do You Have?

In addition to regular communication, you will also require monthly performance reports. This will demonstrate the efficacy of your marketing and gauge if your marketing effort is on schedule. You can ask for a sample monthly report to gauge if it fits your preferences. If not, you can specify how you would like your monthly reports to be done.

6. What Is The Expected Time Frame For Results?

Every marketing strategy has a unique time frame before you can expect results. However, you want to know whether your prospective agency can provide you with an estimate of when to expect to see results. Knowing when you will likely see results will help you appropriately plan other law firm marketing initiatives and arrange an appropriate schedule.

7. How Do You Measure Marketing Success?

This question will reveal the metrics they use and their definition of success. The primary goal of every marketing campaign is the return on investment, yet many agencies prefer to concentrate on numbers like clicks, engagements, or views. The assessment of success must also be consistent with your overall company objectives, such as growing the number of leads and clients for your legal practice.

8. Are You Currently Working With Any Of My Competitors?

The market for law firms is very competitive. Make sure to choose a marketing agency that isn’t currently working with any of your competitors. Given that the purpose of marketing your legal business is to keep you ahead of the competition, there may be a conflict of interest if they work for competing firms. Find out whether your agency has any connections with your rivals that might affect your working relationship.

9. How Much Will My Project Cost?

Ask for a complete breakdown of the project’s expenses and learn about any potential additional fees, such as those related to third parties for website hosting, PPC, stock photos, and other services. As a result, you’ll be better equipped to create a budget for your marketing efforts. Plus, it will enable you to compare them to the alternatives and choose which is best for your budget.

10. What Exactly Do I Own After My Project Is Finished?

This is one of the most crucial questions you can ask a legal marketing agency, as the answer may have a significant long-term effect on your legal practice. Some marketing agencies will own all the marketing work they complete for you, which makes it hard for you to separate from the agency if you end up experiencing issues. Find out who will own the marketing materials, such as the graphics, programming, files, photos, and other brand assets that will be utilised in your law firm’s marketing.

The Bottom Line

Based on the responses to these ten important questions, you can choose the best marketing agency that can meet all of your needs. The answers to the questions will give you information that will help you determine whether the legal marketing agency has the necessary resources and expertise to effectively market your law practice and help you reach your marketing goals.

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