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#80swatchalong – a movie night on Twitter

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A few of us (me, Saltmarsh’s Helen Burness and Totum’s Gary Jones) who work in the legal sector (mainly) but not as lawyers thought that we’d do something to bring everyone together and have a fun collective experience whilst we’re all in lockdown.

So, combining four things that we love (movies, the 80s, family and Twitter), we created #80swatchalong

What is it? We all rent, download or dust off Pretty In Pink and watch it from 20:15 BST and talk about it on Twitter, or Instagram if you prefer using the following hashtag: #80swatchalong

Where can I rent Pretty In Pink? Amazon Prime for starters. Costs from £2.49.

How did you choose Pretty In Pink? We ran a democratic poll on Twitter and the vote was as follows:

Why are you doing this? We know some funny people on social media and we’re trying to bring them together in the time of lockdown. Humans need to be connected and what could be more human than a John Hughes 80s movie?

Where? On your sofa. Well, you on yours and us on ours. It’s the law.

Who? Bring your friends, relatives and your Twitter/Instagram family.

How? Join in the tweet-along using the hashtag #80swatchalong

Why didn’t you choose a legal movie? There’s enough law-breaking in the movies we’ve selected to be going on with.

Can the kids watch? It’s a PG13 or a UK15, but was rated in the UK over 30 years ago, so would now almost certainly be a 12.

Is it fancy dress? Helen says yes, so if you’re dressed like this, then please simply share your photos using the hashtag.

Pretty in Pink prom

Next steps

Please rent the movie just before the Queen speaks and we’ll countdown to pressing play on Twitter.

You might like to follow – on Twitter: me, Helen Burness, Gary Jones.

On Instagram: me or Helen just use the hashtag #80swatchalong



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