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Digital 100: The one million club

Law firm web traffic rankings

Global traffic rankings for Digital 100 law firms

Having just run the first-ever Digital 100 report, some key stats are emerging as benchmarks for major law firms. If you buy a copy of the report, we can show you industry-wide benchmarks and stats from your firm that show how you’re performing at digital marketing.

By way of taster, one set of stats that we can share is the traffic rankings.

The results are as follows:

Global traffic rankings (grouping) Digital 100 firms 101-200 firms # of firms in this group Cumulative total
Firms in the top 100,000 0 0 0 0
100,001to 250,000 6 0 6 6
250,001 to 500,000 17 0 17 23
500,001 to 1,000,000 22 7 29 52
1,000,001 to 2,500,000 37 30 67 119
2,500,001 to 5,000,000 14 30 44 163
5,000,001 to 10,000,000 3 25 28 191
Firms outside the top 10,000,000 1 8 9 200

(This data is also shown in the graph above)

What does this tell us about law firm web traffic?

Seven of the firms in the 101-200 have joined the one million club – their sites are among the million most visited in the world.

Congratulations to: Bates Wells Braithwaite, Hodge Jones & Allen, DAS Law, Fenwick Elliott, Stowe Family Law, Wright Hassall and Stephensons (and a gentle nod to Thomson Snell & Passmore, which just misses out by a few places).

More than half of Digital 100 firms (i.e. the largest firms in the UK) rank behind the seven firms listed above. Is your firm one of them?

Food for thought – no matter your size

No UK law firm is ranked in the top 100,000. (Whereas three of the Big Four accountants are ranked in the top 10,000 – a considerable order of magnitude higher in terms of total web traffic.)

Only one-quarter of the firms in the top 200 are ranked in the top one million places for web traffic, globally.

On average, the Digital 100 firms dropped 300,000 places over the past quarter.

The mean average ranking for a Digital 100 firm is 1,590,947. The median is 1,128,965th place.

The mean ranking for the next 100 law firms is 4,547,620 over 3 million places down on average. The median for the 101-200 firms is 3,507,812th.

And yet… Nineteen of the 101-200 firms beat the average Digital 100 ranking. These firms are after your targets and clients and their website traffic is one way of measuring how well they are doing.

At TBD, we can help get you in the top 2.5m at a minimum. We managed it with a ten fee-earner practice recently, so every top 200 law firm should be hitting this mark. Currently, that’s 81 firms that need to seriously climb up the rankings.



So what, it’s just a ranking, right?

These rankings are for global traffic.

More traffic = more people looking at your website.

More people looking at your website = more people who might instruct you.

More people who might instruct you = greater actual revenues.

Every place higher is those sites taking traffic away from your site.

Every click is an opportunity for them to sell their services.

The time that clients and targets spend on sites is finite: they’re not going to read your perfectly crafted article if a better one exists on a competitors’ site.

Next steps

If you’d like to increase your digital footfall, we can help. It will lead to more instructions, no matter the type of law firm you run.

If you’d like help, then please get in touch.

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