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Marketing for small law firms – we can help you with that

Marketing for small law firms is essential to their continued success. The ways in which small law firms can market themselves vary from communications, advertising, digital and print marketing, or through face-to-face business development, and word of mouth or client relationship management.

The challenge is often that small law firms won’t necessarily have the experience of each of these marketing techniques and so don’t know which one to deploy when. Equally, they might not have the budget to employ a full-time Marketing Director.

This is where TBD can help.

Marketing for small law firms

We offer Marketing Director/Board level expertise to founders, name partners, and marketing teams.

We provide joined up law firm marketing to make sure that you spend your budget wisely with one of two main goals in mind every time: winning new business or retaining existing business. All marketing activities should flow from those two objectives.

What does this mean in practice?

Now, we’ve read a lot of marketing materials, so we know how easy it is to say that we’ll tailor our services to your precise requirements and the needs of your client base. But what does that mean in practice?

It means that if you have an objective of retaining or growing the relationship with an existing client, we can help you create the right CRM plan to do that.

It means that if you have an objective of targeting a new sector, we can help you with that. Sometimes, that’s en extension strategy, sometimes that’s a greenfield strategy. We can help you with integrated marketing campaigns to achieve either.

It means that if you are already a busy firm, but want to be more profitable, we can help you devise and execute the right plan to achieve that.

It means that if you are purely reliant on word-of-mouth and you’d like some brand profile and to win some new clients that way, then we’re more than willing and able to help you with that.

What prior experience do we have in marketing for small law firms?

We have previously helped small law firms start up from scratch with everything from websites and business cards to systems, launch communications and brand;

We have also helped small law firms to refocus their business development efforts to become more profitable; and

We have helped law firms with just few lawyers to develop their profile to win work from completely new audiences.

It may be that your firm needs something different. If so, we’d like to think that with over 20 years’ sales, marketing, business development, digital marketing, brand and communications experience we’ll be able to help. If, for whatever reason, we can’t help you, we’ll recommend someone excellent who can.

Marketing for small law firms is a rarified skill set – you need to have a broad range of marketing skills and know when to apply each one to make sure that the firm you’re advising wins business as a direct result of your efforts. That’s where TBD excels: focused marketing that produces results at a price that small firms can afford.

If you fancy a coffee to discuss, please get in touch by email or on 0117 2872099.

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