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Should I tag someone in a LinkedIn post?

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Is it a good idea to tag someone in a LinkedIn post?

The answer is both yes and no. If you tag someone, you’d better hope that they like and comment on your post. LinkedIn stakes a lot on it. If they like it, LinkedIn knows you got it right and pushes the post further. If they comment, further still (four times further). If you tag more than one person, each person needs to like the post for it to achieve the desired effect.

What should I do instead of tagging someone in a LinkedIn post?

It’s probably safer to issue the post and tag people in the comments, naturally, over time. “What do you think @Simon Marshall?” “I’m keen to hear your views @Jane Doe” Also, if someone untags themself, then LinkedIn will punish your post with fewer impressions.

Why do people tag others in their LinkedIn posts?

It’s a good way of recognising someone else, their contribution. It’s also a good way of bringing a post to their attention (see above for the risks though). Used correctly, it’s quite a social thing to do.

What if I still really want to tag someone in my LinkedIn post?

So, one trick might be to warn people that you’re going to tag them. Then they’ll either ask you not to or be primed to like and comment. Feel free to tag us and use our hashtag #Digital100 Find us on LinkedIn at Simon Marshall or TBD Marketing.

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