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Why is the future of legal marketing TBD?

TBD. To be determined.

We use this phrase every day. But do we stop to think about what it means? And what does it mean for legal marketing?

For us, TBD means that the future is unwritten.

Which means that you have a say in your future.

TBD means you can start with a blank slate when it comes to marketing your law firm.

It means that you can use analysis and research to chart a way forward.

To be determined means having the resolve to do something, sticking with it over a period of time. In the legal sector, this is often a point of differentiation.

Why have we called a legal marketing agency TBD or to be Determined?

Because we believe in working with you today to shape your tomorrow. Because we believe that when it comes to legal marketing, hard work can produce great results. Because we believe that you can start with some great thinking and end with some amazing outcomes.

Let’s make your future a little more certain.

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